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The Incredible Rubber Glove

The Atlantic / Olga Khazan - - Reading time 4 mins - Share :
The first healthcare workers to use rubber gloves didn't don them for hygienic reasons, but for dermatological ones. Caroline Hampton, a niece of the Confederate general and future South Carolina governor Wade Hampton, graduated from nursing school in 1888 and moved to Baltimore in 1889 to work a...

Berry extract added to chemo kills pancreatic cancer

Futurity / U. Southampton - - Reading time 2 mins - Share :
A chemotherapy drug was more effective at killing pancreatic cancer cells when an extract from chokeberries was added to the mix. Chokeberry is a wild berry that grows on the eastern side of North America in wetlands and swamp areas. The berry is high in vitamins and antioxidants, including vario...
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New biomedical implants heal bones faster, focus on personalized medicine

ScienceDaily - - Reading time 3 mins - Share :
A major success in developing new biomedical implants with the ability to accelerate bone healing has been reported by a group of scientists, which suggests a move toward a future of personalized products. "It is very much like your taste in music and TV shows. People are different and the new tr...

Earth's ozone layer on track to recovery, scientists report

ScienceDaily - - Reading time 3 mins - Share :
Earth's protective ozone layer is well on track to recovery in the next few decades thanks to concerted international action against ozone depleting substances, according to a new assessment by 300 scientists.
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Antibiotics do not shorten tuberculosis treatment, finds Phase 3 trial

Medical Xpress - - Reading time 4 mins - Share :
The results of a Phase 3 clinical trial involving UCL researchers, called REMoxTB, has found that replacing one of the drugs with the antibiotic moxifloxacin in the standard six-month treatment regimen did not allow the treatment time for tuberculosis (TB) patients to be shortened to four months.

For Some, Tourism Now Includes Surgery

Live Science - - Reading time 2 mins - Share :
Specialized surgeries are helping fuel growth in medical tourism — within the United States.

Fortifying condiments, seasonings for use in countries with widespread micronutrient deficiencies

ScienceDaily - - Reading time 3 mins - Share :
Researchers are working to fortify condiments and seasonings for use in countries with widespread micronutrient deficiencies. Micronutrient deficiencies affect the health and cognitive development of at least one-third of the world's population, representing 7.3 percent of all global disease. The...
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Sayur Manis: Delicious, But Also Deadly, Greens From Borneo

NPR / Konstantin Kakaes - - Reading time 4 mins - Share :
Sayur manis is a green vegetable that tastes like spinach with a hint of asparagus when cooked. It's packed with nutrients, but the raw leaves have been linked to outbreaks of lung failure.

Genetic variants linked with severe skin reactions to antiepileptic drug identified

ScienceDaily - - Reading time 2 mins - Share :

Commentary: It’s time to address the health of men around the world

ScienceDaily - - Reading time 3 mins - Share :
All over the world, men die younger than women and do worse on a host of health indicators, yet policy makers rarely focus on this “men’s health gap” or adopt programs aimed at addressing it, according to an international group of researchers and health charity workers.

Mangosteen fruit shown to kill breast cancer cells without causing harm / By Ethan A. Huff, staff writer - - Reading time 2 mins - Share :
(NaturalNews) A tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia has been shown in a new study to protect against breast cancer. Researchers from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences' (UCAS) College of Life Sciences found that the pericarp of the mangosteen fruit, which is commonly...

Child refugees can be dogged by poor health for life

New Scientist - - Reading time 3 mins - Share :
Half of the world's 51 million refugees are children, a report revealed last week. Now 20th century conflicts are revealing the likely impacts of displacement on their future health

The Natural Way to Keep Fruit Fresh and Stop the Rot (Op-Ed)

Live Science - - Reading time 3 mins - Share :
Clearly, our ability to produce larger quantities of fruit and vegetables is not the only guarantee for global food security. We need to start minimising the amount of food that is produced and then lost.

Taking tissue regeneration beyond state-of-the-art

ScienceDaily - - Reading time 1 mins - Share :
A new class of injectable material that stimulates stem cells to regenerate damaged tissue and form new blood vessels, heart and bone tissue is being developed by an international team of researchers. The aim is to produce radical new treatments that will reduce the need for invasive surgery, opt...

High burden of tuberculosis in Malaysian prisons

ScienceDaily - - Reading time 2 mins - Share :
High levels of previously undiagnosed active TB have been found in Malaysian prisons, especially amongst HIV infected prisoners. Globally, tuberculosis (TB) is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality among the incarcerated population, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, where acc...

Spain police seize fake medicine from Asia, detain 13

Medical Xpress - - Reading time 1 mins - Share :
Spanish police said Tuesday they have detained 13 people suspected of selling large quantities of fake medication, including erectile dysfunction drugs and antibiotics, made in Asia over the Internet.

Processed foods and soft drinks push up Asian salt, fat and sugar

Medical Xpress - - Reading time 1 mins - Share :
Developing countries in Asia may be set to join the first-world obesity epidemic, a new ANU study of nutrition across 12 countries has found.

Why a MERS Vaccine Won't Be Easy

National Geographic / Karen Weintraub - - Reading time 6 mins - Share :
With worries over MERS spreading, can scientists make a vaccine?

Vitamin E prevents brain damage during stroke / By David Gutierrez, staff writer - - Reading time 2 mins - Share :
(NaturalNews) A variety of vitamin E may prevent brain damage caused by stroke and may even be able to prevent strokes from occurring in the first place, two new studies have indicated.Animal studies by researchers from the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center have shown...

Do glasses weaken your eyesight?

BBC - - Reading time 6 mins - Share :
Many people believe that the longer you wear spectacles the worse your eyesight becomes. But are they right? Claudia Hammond takes a clear look at the evidence.

Threatwatch: Is the MERS virus spreading its wings?

New Scientist - - Reading time < 1 mins - Share :
The Philippines and Malaysia have identified their first-ever MERS cases, while infections in Saudi Arabia surge, particularly among health workers

Malaysia quarantines 64 villagers over MERS virus

Medical Xpress - - Reading time < 1 mins - Share :
Malaysia has quarantined 64 people in a southern village after one of its residents become the country's first person to die of a respiratory illness that is spreading from the Middle East, local media reported Thursday.

Study fingers chickens, quail in spread of H7N9 influenza virus

ScienceDaily - - Reading time 2 mins - Share :
Among the copious species of poultry in China, quail and chickens are the likely sources of infection of H7N9 influenza virus to humans, according to a paper. The H7N9 avian influenza virus was first reported in humans in March 2013 in China. Since then over 375 human cases have been confirmed an...

Dengue deaths soar in Malaysia

Medical Xpress - - Reading time 2 mins - Share :
Deaths from dengue fever have nearly tripled in Malaysia this year compared to the same period in 2013, sparking a stepped-up campaign to control the mosquitos that spread the virus.

Disparities in lung function found worldwide may impact health

ScienceDaily - - Reading time 1 mins - Share :
A recent study has ranked countries for their citizen lung function. Highest was found in individuals from North America and Europe. This was followed by South America, Middle East, China, sub-Saharan Africa, Malaysia and South Asia. South Asians had the lowest lung function, by 30% compared to N...

Lifesaving HIV treatment could reach millions more people following landmark study

(e) Science News - - Reading time 1 mins - Share :
Millions more people could get access to life-saving HIV drug therapy, following a landmark study led by Australian researchers based at the Kirby Institute at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). read more

Map: What Country Does Your State's Life Expectancy Resemble?

The Atlantic / Olga Khazan - - Reading time 1 mins - Share :
Olga Khazan/measureofamerica.orgAmerican life expectancy has leapt up some 30 years in the past century, and we now live roughly 79.8 years on average. That’s not terrible, but it’s not fantastic either: We rank 35th in the world as far as lifespan, nestled right between Costa Rica and Chile....